How to stay motivated during your Crossfit Workout?

Getting motivated can be a difficult feat, this motivation comes in two laps. The first one is needed when you start your workout and the second one is needed to finish your workout.

The start is always hard but you should never give up. As the saying well began is half done. Gaining some motivation you start the workout and when you are in the middle you start thinking is it worth it, should I continue or stop?

If you keep going you feel amazing and proud but if you give up in between you feel low guilt and disappointment. It is really very important to keep pushing yourself to end it will be really worth it and you will thank yourself.

Set realistic goals

If you are setting realistic goals for yourself it means you are mature enough to understand what workouts can be done. If you are setting up realistic goals it means you have got the sportsmanship to accept your defeat.
Always set goals that challenge you. Don’t put yourself in a risk of injury. Talk to your CrossFit trainer and stop overdoing if you do so you will never reach your fitness goals.

Listen to Music while working out

Music helps you push harder it can do wonders. Put on some motivational kinds of music from Bollywood like Sultan, Bhag Milkha Bhag, Dangal etc or any Hollywood like Never give up etc. Turn up the Bass up and there you go.

Measure your progress

Keep the track of how you are seeing the change in yourself. I mean not only look out for the body change but also for the other factors like

• Sleep quality

• Energy levels are higher throughout the day

• Reduction in stress levels

• Clearer skin (fewer rashes, acne, etc…)

• Leaner appearance

• Less Bloating

• Reduced allergies

• Fewer mood swings

Find a friend to workout

Working out when having a friend around will be easier as you challenge your friend automatically. It would be much more fun and quicker. Having someone to keep you motivated is highly beneficial and being responsible to keep someone else motivated will result in self-motivation.

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