Feeling Sore after Workout? Try This!

Feeling sore after workout

Hey! How was your first day at the Crossfit training class? Felt energetic? Bored? Refreshed? Burned? Whatever you may feel the feeling of body sore will always be there. Read this points below to heal your body soreness faster.

When you do CrossFit or do any workout, the muscle soreness is the part of the process. Your body got swollen because your body was locked and was never used to this type of workout. It is a very common thing, you need not worry about it much. It is the response to the stimulus of working out of the muscles. As the saying,

No Pain, No Gain

if there is no pain this means you are doing it wrong or nothing at your CrossFit training class.

Don’t get turned off by these pain and aches. instead, learn how to take care of yourself and minimise the impact of workout

Steps to heal body sore.

Stretch Everyday

Crossfit session at Fitnesswynk are held every alternate day so on an off day, do a gentle stretching which will help your muscles to be in good condition.

Get enough sleep

Your muscles take time to repair and rebuild, this process takes place when you are sleeping. Therefore sleep as much as you can yeah but not more than 8 hours.

Don’t stop attending the class

Before Quitting… Remember why you started.

Let there be any difficulties never quit, instead keep moving, your soreness will quit you don’t have to quit. Remember a sore body is a strong body tomorrow.

Eat good, Clean food

Do you know you are wasting your time & hard work coming to the Crossfit class if you are not eating right. 50% of the workout is done in your workout class and rest 50% you need to spend in your kitchen. This doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want it is a waste. Eat clean and good food.

Drink lot’s of water

Staying hydrated will help your muscle recover fast. Keep your water consumption up the whole day not only during your Crossfit Class.

These are the few steps which you can recover the soreness of muscles in a short span of time. Make sure this muscle soreness does not derail your fitness routine. Having a CrossFit trainer in Mumbai can help you as well as guide you to set maximum result workout enjoying yourself. The coaches at Fitnesswynk will help you master exercise and maintain your good form, all while achieving your fitness goal.

Contact us today to learn more about what we do and how we can help you with your fitness journey.


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