Things to carry to a Crossfit gym class

things to carry to a crossfit class

So you finally decided to jump in for CrossFit training battlefield of You vs You. But before getting into the field you need to carry your weapons loaded. Check out the things you need to carry to your Crossfit training class.


Remember you are here to have fun first and then fitness. If you are enjoying here you are automatically getting fit. Don’t be shy, nobody here is perfect. No matter how hard the workout is, tell yourself you can and you will.


Fitnewynk, recommends good sports shoes such as Aqualite, Sparx, Reebok or Nike.  Don’t go for hard-soled or uncomfortable shoes.

Track Pants/Shorts

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes so that you can stretch easily without being restricted by your clothes when you are doing Functional training, MMA training, Circuit workout, Kickboxing or Power yoga


Water is compulsory, make sure you drink enough water before the workout to keep your body hydrated and also bring a bottle so you don’t have to keep running to the water tap again & again if you get thirsty.

Workout Mat

A mat is optional but suggested for your comfort movements, which is required when you are on the ground doing sit-ups, burpees or Asanas.

So in all, you need to have a Proper Shoes, Water Bottle, Workout mat, Towel and also include Electoral powder to increase electoral level in your body during the workout and don’t forget a supporter. ; )

Hope we have cleared on things to carry to a Crossfit Gym Class. If we have missed anything please mention it down in the comments below.




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